Animation of an old National Geographic Ad (Photoshop and After Effects)

Animation of an old National Geographic Ad (Photoshop and After Effects)


Obscure Reactions

Using surreal animations, I examine my internal emotional drive created through my repression of traumatic experiences. My visual narrative declassifies emotions through the vulnerability of my drawn self and the never ending cycle of emotions. I select parts of reality that we are familiar with, and construct them in a way that evokes a feeling of uncanny.

Sound Design by Brian Perez


SALES Collages

A few GIFs that I made for the band SALES, using photographs from their concert at El Club in Detroit and found imagery. (Photoshop and After Effects)


Kids pt. 1

Cover art and short animation for musical artist Willie Main to promote the release of his new single

(Photoshop and After Effects)


in progress

Early in-progress collage animations featuring my photographs and found imagery. I am intrigued with the idea of using a panoramic view field to tell a progressive visual narrative. The narrative is told through the life size hand that triggers the movement of the setting and objects. (Photoshop and After Effects) v



Motion Graphics for Greek Dressing, a college apparel company based out of Ann Arbor. The graphic was featured on their Instagram story seeking new team members. (Photoshop and After Effects)


polyphony lit

Graphic for Polyphony Lit, a literary magazine for high school students across the nation. (Photoshop, After Effects, Ilustrator)